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That’s a wrap

Harvesting corn and taking down pea trellis

It’s official: the growing season is over. First frost arrived 3 weeks earlier than average as temperatures dropped to 34 degrees overnight last Saturday. I spent the previous afternoon plucking the remaining potatoes out of the ground (60 lbs worth).

Early frost at the Grovestead

The coldest Winter in 36 years followed by a Summer-cut-short? I emailed my friend Paul Douglas to find out what was going on. His reply to my “incredulity” came in print edition of the Sunday Star Tribune. He doesn’t know either.

Chickens out on a cold morning

The close of the season brings out all kinds of reflective thinking. What worked? What didn’t? What would I do differently next year? I have lots to share. But for now it’s nice to know that the heavy lifting is over, a season of rest is coming, and the planning for next year’s garden starts soon enough.



  1. Thanks for the status update, Rory. Congratulations on a great learning year for you. So great to track and follow what’s going on with your blog. It’s also great that Paul Douglas mentioned you and your company in his article! Talk soon!

  2. Rory, thanks for your friendship, encouragement and tutelage this year. I learned a ton and can’t wait for my garden next year.

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