Pumpkins glowing in the dark

Tonight was pumpkin carving night. We grew our own pumpkins this year which made the event a bit more special.

The pumpkin patch was planted on a whim, in a corner of the yard that was going to be reseeded with grass. It was an afterthought to the main garden. But it turns out the most successful part of our garden this year was the spot that got the least attention. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Huge pumpkins in our pumpkin patch

Month after month we watched on as the vines grew by the foot, sprouting bright yellow flowers that dropped pumpkin after enormous pumpkin. By the end of the season we had about 18 pumpkins.

An early frost this year killed off several vines before the pumpkins fully matured so we had a couple of off-color pumpkins. Of course Ivar picked the green pumpkin when it was time to carve.

Ivar wasn’t a fan of the pumpkin guts. He hid under the table to keep his pepperoni pizza in its place.

Ivar is grossed out by the pumpkin guts

We took turns tracing faces on the pumpkins and carving them out.

Becca carved one of our green pumpkins

Thomas the train pumpkin carving

I lit some candles and set the pumpkins outside to show the kids what they looked like in the dark. They walked outside while I was setting the lids on top and started screaming: “Ahhhh!! Scary monster!!!” And then they ran around in circles and fumbled their way back into the house, giggling the whole way. Inside, I had to hold Ivar in my arms to get him to look at the pumpkins out the window. Even then he mostly hid below the window sill.

Good times and great memories for us all.

Orange and green pumpkins