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Little lambs

Hello, Lambs!

We didn’t originally plan to acquire sheep so soon. We felt that goats were going to be enough of an adventure. But we had the space, the pasture, and enough confirmations from friends that we decided to go ahead with it.

I makeshifted a livestock transporter out of a trailer (thanks Josh!) and drove to Red Wing to pick up our little lambs. Not so little, in fact. I originally planned to buy four but after moving the first two into the trailer I told the breeder I think we’ll start with three. These little lambs were only 5 months old but pushing 75-80 lbs. I thought we’d get stampeded trying to get them out of the pens.

Transporting the sheep

It seems like the most stressful experience with any animal is just getting them home. The lambs did great, but it was challenging getting them into trailer and back out into their pens. At one point Ivar climbed inside an upright coil of wire fencing to safely watch it all go down.

Good fences make good neighbors

The lambs have been here just one week and have acclimated well. They are neighbors with the goats, and mostly civil at that. Although Darcy (the mama goat) always climbs up the pen and peers over the top every time I feed the sheep their daily allowance of grain. Sorry Darcy, go back to the woods.

Lambs never far apart

The lambs’ wool is already starting to get thick, about 2 inches deep. Ivar pointed out right away that it feels like carpet. They are never far apart, often huddling together. A true “herd” mentality. So far they have been slow to start grazing pasture, having lived solely on grain and hay the first five months of their life. But they are gradually getting used to the idea.

Lambs grazing in the pasture


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  1. Looks great Ror! Can’t wait to meet them!…and see you again.

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