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HoneyFest was a gathering to learn about beekeeping

Earlier this year when planning our summer calendar we thought it would be fun to have a beekeeping party along the same lines as our maple syrup tree tapping party. With our recent acquisition of two bee colonies, we started planning a summer gathering for friends to learn about beekeeping. We dubbed it “HoneyFest” to attract more people — because bees sound scary┬ábut everyone likes honey.

Becca posted a full write-up on her blog, so I’ll just link to it and post a few pictures.

HoneyFest mascot

Making candles with beeswax

Adam give beekeeping talk

Hosts of HoneyFest


  1. Hi Becca
    I have been so blessed reading your blog and the fantastic picture of nature and your hand works.

    I am a pastor who has a lot of passion for bee farming and I need a lot of information on how to move my bee farm to the next level
    kindly connect me to useful sites or links. Producing Queens has been a mystery. Any way you can help put us through?
    God bless
    Ameh Amana

    • Hello Amana, good to hear from you. Around here we order queens from Nature’s Nectar ( or we raise our own. It is best to get queens locally so they are more climate adjusted.

      Here is a great site about keeping bees (and all the information is free):

      I followed his advice about raising new queens and it worked perfectly. And always be praying for the Lord’s guidance. He will show you what to do next.


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