The Grovestead's Bee Friendly Garden

A long time in the works, I am happy to announce our Bee-Friendly Garden seed collection is now on sale! This collection of annual and perennial seeds were hand picked for their visual aesthetic, fragrances, and ability to attract and feed honeybees.

The Bee-Friendly Garden: Purple Coneflower

The Bee-Friendly Garden: Sunflower

The Bee-Friendly Garden: Sweet Alyssum

Becca explained it this way on her blog:

I was thinking about how excited I get when I’m driving on an interstate and see one of those blue signs with a little sign for a Jimmy Johns. That’s my favorite place to eat on a road trip. And how basically each person who plants honey bee friendly flowers is setting up a little buffet for honey bees. Bees will fly for miles in a day looking for good pollen and nectar. I’m imagining them getting just as excited to find our little bee friendly gardens as I am when I find a Jimmy Johns.

The Beekeepers

We have a limited quantity made up, so if you are interested in starting a bee-friendly buffet this Spring, be sure to place your order soon!

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