Ever wondered how many of each vegetable to grow? This calculator was developed to help you determine the number of plantings (and garden size) required to grow the right amount of food for your family based on how much you actually eat.

Family Size:
Enter the number of adults and children 3 or over

Sufficiency Goal: %
How much of your own food do you want to grow?

Loss Factor: %
Offset unexpected losses with more plantings

Vegetable Serving size* (cups) Meals/month Row Length (ft) Space Required (sqft) Plantings Annual Harvest (lbs)

* Assume serving sizes are raw, uncooked vegetables
** For garlic, 1 clove = 0.02 cups
NOTE: If a plant you grow isn’t listed, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to add it.

Garden Size: sq. ft.
Minimum garden size needed to meet your growing goals (can be smaller with succession planting).

The calculations above are based on the following figures:

Vegetable Yield (lbs/foot) Seed Spacing (in) Row Spacing (in) Raw Weight (oz/cup)