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Tulip bloom

Tulips in bloom

There’s nothing more beautiful than a dense bed of tulips, so last Fall I planted a couple hundred tulip bulbs in our four raised beds and then waited out a very long winter. I like tulips because they are usually the earliest to flower, and they come back each year with more blooms.  Seeing the tulip sprouts during the early Spring thaw is always a welcome sight.

And despite being ravaged by the local deer population, they are on glorious display right now.

Tulips in raised beds

I’ve been discovered…

Deer hoof print in mud

Every gardener deals with it sooner or later. Hours of tireless, backbreaking labor followed by weeks of eager anticipation all to find out you’re garden has become a favorite salad bar for the local deer population.

Deer ate my tulips!

I discovered a dozen or so tulip stems missing their bloom. Strawberry transplants stored outside were also eaten to a nub. The blueberry patch had been trampled (but not eaten). It was fortunate, actually. It’s still early and most of my garden has just been planted. The deer found my tulips, but not much else.

So I’ve got my deer repellent now and give my starts a good spray after transplanting. So far, so good. A fence is really the only solution, but I’m not through experimenting yet — still deciding the various beds and garden sizes I want.

Tulip Sighting

First tulip peeking through

Pulled the straw cover off our raised beds this week. It was exciting to see the first tulip stems peeking through.

Tulips in raised beds

Last fall we packed all four raised beds full of tulip bulbs. Within a couple weeks there should be hundreds of tulips proclaiming Spring’s arrival!

Of course, we live in Minnesota where it can snow whenever it wants. Like today.

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