Bottling the last batch of maple syrup

Been a busy week here at the Grovestead. We finished bottling the last of our maple syrup on Wednesday. We collected a little over 2 gallons of syrup this year out of 65 gallons of sap. That made 35 half-pint jars of 100% pure Maple Syrup. We even have enough to sell some extra this year. Stay tuned!

Hardening off tomato seedlings

Meanwhile… I’m about halfway through the process of hardening off our tomato seedlings. I started setting them outside for 2 hours a day, and gradually increase the time each day. Next week they’ll be ready to transplant in the ground.

Planting more garden beds

Planted peas and onion sets today between thunderstorms (and sometimes during). About 200-300 of each. This is my first experience with plastic mulch. I’m not sure what to think yet.