Baby chickens arrived by US Post

The newest additions to the Grovestead arrived in the mail two weeks ago. We ordered thirty “broiler” chickens, as they’re called, because we are raising them for meat rather than eggs.

They showed up just like any other package would, except the box had more holes and made a lot of noise when you shook it (kidding).

Baby chickens in box they were mailed in

I had to find temporary housing for them the first day because I wasn’t quite done with their new home, a mobile chicken coop I am building. They were affectionately looked after by the whole family.

Kids watching baby chicks

By the end of the first day I moved them into their real coop.

Baby chicks milling around in their new home

Baby chicks in their new abode

I tried to explain to our cats that these weren’t a dietary option for them. Not sure they got the message.

Velma the cat meets our chicks