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New arrivals

New litter of baby kittens

We’re +4 at the Grovestead as of this week. Percy had a litter of 4 kittens.

Kids meeting new kittens

Closeup of baby kittens

Mama cat taking a break

Keeping warm

Kittens keeping warm

The cats pretty much sum up the mood around here in Winter: snuggle up and ride it out. We have brief respite from the harsh cold now and then. The sun breaks up the monotony and we soak up all we can. Minnesotans are known for their love of outdoors, for good reason.

Rolling the snowman

Building a snowman

Completed (almost) snowman

When the snow is packing right we build a snowman and go for sled rides (with daddy as the draft horse).

But even in this dormant period, the days are getting longer. Seed catalogs start arriving and garden sketches can be found. Soon the seeds will get planted under grow lights and there will be non-stop activity until the Fall frost.

But for now we’re still.

Rural snowscape

Chicken standoff

Kitten gets ready to pounce on chickens

Our kittens are venturing further from their home base in our garage every day, and getting braver. Today Thomas (named by our 3-year old after Thomas the Train) decided to get all up in the rooster’s face, Legos (also named by our 3-year old after, well, Legos).

Cue Clint Eastwood soundtrack…

Kitten pounces at chickens

And he pounces! Legos dodges right. Denise leaps for her life!

Chickens fight back with kitten

Upon closer inspection, Thomas rethinks his advantage.

Is it getting a little crowded in here?

Family of cats all crammed in one bed

The kittens are growing fast! They’re out of their box every day now and investigating every nook of the garage. When I came in the house tonight one of the kittens was scaling my rain boots to get a look inside. They don’t leave the garage yet, but I’m sure they will be bounding through the yard soon enough. Mama is very protective, overseeing all human-kitten interaction.

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