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Barnyard Roundup

Who are you looking at?

People keep asking me how big our pigs are now. And I never know how to answer that question. Real Big is my answer…and getting bigger every day. I am still quite a bit afraid of them. And I also think they’re pretty cool. And then intimidating.

Abraham up close

Chicken yard new fence

We finished our chicken yard this week! It’s awesome. We are so pleased with how it turned out and even more pleased to play in the rock box without chickens harassing Hattie.

Kittens play
Kittens playing

While we put the fencing up around the chicken yard, these two kittens were our constant entertainment. Better than a show on nova, our kittens are here to entertain.

Kittens still playing

Broiler chicks

I woke up this morning at 5:30 ready for the day. No kidding. I have no idea what that was all about but I felt great and the sun was bright and I was excited to do all the chores before 6. So I took off to feed the chicken Layers and then went out to let the chicken Broilers out of the chicken tractor. And before I knew it, I had 51 birds trying to eat my toes that were exposed as I was wearing my flip flops. It was terrible! I screamed and hooted and yelled and danced a jig to their feed bucket as fast I could and started dumping feed all over the yard telling them to “shoo!” “get!” “back off!” while stomping my feet and curling my toes. Also, we got all males this year because they grow to be a bigger bird and I think they’re missing the ladies. There is a lack of love in those eyes, don’t you think?

Pastured chickens

Miracle... lamb

And finally, Miracle. We have had a really hard week with Miracle. He┬áhasn’t walked for five days in a row. For a while the vet said she thought he had Polio. But then his temperature spiked the highest it has ever been which made her think he has some sort of infection. So he went back on antibiotics. He lays in the grass up by our house all day long and we visit him and bring him fresh alfalfa and clover. He is still so, so sweet. Tomorrow we are taking him to the vet and I honestly have no idea what the outcome of that visit will be. In a sudden twist, he walked to the garage this afternoon, but couldn’t walk again after that, so now we’re more puzzled than ever.

But we are so thankful for our vet. She is incredible. Last weekend Rory got off the phone with her and said to me, “She is so sharp. I want to start bringing our kids to see her.” Ha! I thought that was the funniest thing ever, and a very high compliment. But she is that good. A large animal vet is an exciting person to know. One time I went to get medicine for Miracle and asked if she was in the office and the receptionist checked her computer and said, “no, she’s offsite in the middle of a surgery on a cow.” Can you imagine having dinner each night at her family table? “So, what did you do today, dear?”

So keep Miracle in your thoughts and prayers. Once again we have no idea how this story will end.

New arrivals

New litter of baby kittens

We’re +4 at the Grovestead as of this week. Percy had a litter of 4 kittens.

Kids meeting new kittens

Closeup of baby kittens

Mama cat taking a break

Keeping warm

Kittens keeping warm

The cats pretty much sum up the mood around here in Winter: snuggle up and ride it out. We have brief respite from the harsh cold now and then. The sun breaks up the monotony and we soak up all we can. Minnesotans are known for their love of outdoors, for good reason.

Rolling the snowman

Building a snowman

Completed (almost) snowman

When the snow is packing right we build a snowman and go for sled rides (with daddy as the draft horse).

But even in this dormant period, the days are getting longer. Seed catalogs start arriving and garden sketches can be found. Soon the seeds will get planted under grow lights and there will be non-stop activity until the Fall frost.

But for now we’re still.

Rural snowscape

Chicken standoff

Kitten gets ready to pounce on chickens

Our kittens are venturing further from their home base in our garage every day, and getting braver. Today Thomas (named by our 3-year old after Thomas the Train) decided to get all up in the rooster’s face, Legos (also named by our 3-year old after, well, Legos).

Cue Clint Eastwood soundtrack…

Kitten pounces at chickens

And he pounces! Legos dodges right. Denise leaps for her life!

Chickens fight back with kitten

Upon closer inspection, Thomas rethinks his advantage.

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